Humanity is only beginning to explore the universe

There are over 200 billion estimated galaxies containing an average of 400 billion stars. Calculations envisage ten thousand billion billion habitable planets to be out there among this one universal realm.

Earths are being generated throughout the solar system

New worlds are actively forming in orbit around gas giant planets and the inner ones. Earths are being periodically created. Solar system wide shifts occurs over every half a billion years.

View differences between reality and fiction, have discernment

Everything is far more epic than any of us could've anticipated. In this new era sci-fi of the past and innovations of the future have been merging at an ever faster pace. Nature highlighting the importance of freewill.

Planetary Life Cycle:

The Discovery Of Earths Formation

Unbeknownst to the establishment space exploration has led to a greater success than humanity could’ve anticipated. With this information it is clearer than ever the universe was made on purpose with life and freedom as the reason.

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